You can travel easily by road and air from Türkiye to many cities of Europe and central/close Asia, and take advantage of transportation options suitable for all budgets. Especially in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya, airports are today a base that provides connection flights to many capitals and major cities around the world.

Duration of some direct flights from Istanbul to various cities in the world are as follows:

USA – New York10 hours
Germany – Berlin2 hours 10 Minutes
Albania – Tiran1 hour
Azerbaijan – Baku2 hours 15 Minutes
Bahrain3 hours 15 Minutes
Bulgaria – Sofia40 Minutes
Belgium – Brussels2 hours 45 Minutes
United Arab Emirates – Dubai3 hours 45 Minutes
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo1 hour
Algeria – Algeria2 hours 50 Minutes
China – Beijing8 hours 50 Minutes
Denmark – Copenhagen2 hours 30 Minutes
Ethiopia – Addis Ababa4 hours 35 Minutes
Finland – Helsinki2 hours 40 Minutes
France – Paris2 hours 30 Minutes
South Africa – Johannesburg9 hours 15 Minutes
South Korea – Seoul9 hours 55 Minutes
Georgia – Tbilisi1 hour 40 Minutes
India – New Delhi5 hours 40 Minutes
Iraq – Baghdad2 hours
England – London3 hours
Iran - Tehran2 hours 30 Minutes
Spain – Madrid3 hours 25 Minutes
Italy – Rome1 hour 45 Minutes
Jordan – Amman1 hour 55 Minutes
Ukraine – Kiev1 hour 20 Minutes
Turkmenistan – Ashgabat3 hours 10 Minutes
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh3 hours 20 Minutes
Serbia – Belgrade1 hour
Russia – Moscow2 hours 10 Minutes
Romania – Bucharest35 Minutes
Portugal – Lisbon4 hours
Poland – Warsaw1 hour 45 Minutes
Pakistan – Karachi4 hours 55 Minutes
Uzbekistan – Tashkent4 hours 10 Minutes
Egypt – Cairo1 hour 30 Minutes
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur10 hours 20 Minutes
Lebanon – Beirut1 hour 15 Minutes
Macedonia – Skopje50 Minutes
Libya – Tripoli2 hours
Hungary – Budapest/td>1 hour 20 Minutes
Latvia – Riga2 hours 15 Minutes
Kuwait2 hours 40 Minutes
Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek4 hours 50 Minutes
Cyprus – Nicosia1 hour
Kenya – Nairobi5 hours 55 Minutes
Kazakhstan - Astana4 hours 15 Minutes
Japan – Tokyo11 hour

Türkiye's connectivity with its neighbors Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iran, Iraq and Syria, is also provided with increasing numbers of bus services every day.
Domestic transportation is also provided with advanced land and airline networks in a comfortable and secure manner. Discounted rates are offered to students at public transport routes and sometimes at private transportation companies.

The most common intercity transportation vehicles are luxury buses where food / beverage, Internet, TV, services are provided. Bus services are usually offered by dozens of private firms working within certain regions.

State-sponsored railway transportation is also common, comfortable and affordable. There are high speed trains in Ankara-Konya-Ankara, Konya-Eskişehir-Istanbul (Pendik)-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul (Pendik)-Ankara lines and conventional trains on other lines. Works are underway for new high-speed train lines, 


TCDD Transportation tickets

There are many national airline companies that provide domestic transportation. Most domestic flights take place through Istanbul and Ankara airports. In more than 40 cities in Türkiye, there are airports where domestic flights take place. Following examples can be given for travel durations:

  • Istanbul – Adana: 1 hour 30 Minutes
  • İstanbul – Ankara: 1 hour 5 Minutes
  • İstanbul – Antalya: 1 hour
  • İstanbul – Gaziantep: 1 hour 40 Minutes
  • İstanbul – İzmir: 1 hour 05 Minutes
  • Ankara – İzmir: 1 hour 20 Minutes
  • Ankara – Van: 1 hour 35 Minutes
  • Ankara – Antalya: 1 hour 05 Minutes
  • İzmir – İstanbul: 1 hour 05 Minutes
  • İzmir – Ankara: 1 hour 20 Minutes

Urban transportation facilities vary from city to city. In large cities, as in all world metropolises, traffic congestion can be seen during peak hours. However, thanks to the public transportation systems developing from day to day, comfort increases by diversification of opportunities in urban transportation. In Istanbul, for example, it is possible to travel between Asian and European sides by sea, road and railway. With rail networks in large cities, it is possible to easily access different ends of the city.

In some cities, in addition to the public transport opportunities operated by local municipalities, urban transportation is also provided with alternative vehicles, such as private minibuses and buses.

Thanks to discounted tariffs offered in all cities, students can access their schools and other facilities at very affordable prices. In addition, some universities offer chargeable/free shuttle services for transportation to or from the campus. 

Depending on the region and distance of your school and home/dormitory, there are also alternative ways such as walking or cycling.